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#201300436 I would like to thank you, your organization and Mr.David Lighten for assisting our family in our time of need. Mr. Lighten called me recently; it was a pleasure speaking with him. He has blessed our family with a gift card from Ralph's Supermarket.In kind, my fiancee (Patricia) sent a Christmas Card thanking Mr. Lighten for his generosity and his continued service to our country. Again, we thank you and your organization for all that you do to support our military families. #201300471 Wow I can't even express how thankful I am. This is a blessing like no other. Thank you for all you've done. #201300448 God Bless you, sir. Thank you for all that you do. Without people like you and Samira, Christmas would be a little less bright this year!! I truly hope you have an amazing Holiday with those you love as well! #201300430 Thank you in advance for having this site and giving families the chance to get help it is very much appreciated more than you know!!! #201300390 Thank you so much for allowing me the opportunity to have my children adopted for the holiday season. Happy Holidays to you and your family #201300224 There is no words that can express how thankful I am tonight, that out of the several families needing assistance this holiday season, my family was blessed enough to be one of the chosen ones for a Christmas adoption. It has really been a bleak year for my family, and it bothers me I can not be home to help my wife and son through it. While I know duty calls, and this is the job I chose to help support my family as well as my country, our military would not be the same ,if we didn't not have organizations and individuals, who are willing to devote themselves to ensure they show us their appreciation. For that I am forever grateful. I can only hope that next Christmas or even next year my family and I will be in a better financial situation, to pay forward what is being done for us. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. Sgt. Cummings #201300228 We are so thankful that we were able to be sponsored and wanted to thank you. Our sponsor already emailed and called us and I was in tears and cannot thank you enough. This is such a blessing and comes at the most needed time. I hope one day to return the favor and be able to sponsor those in need. Thank you and again for everything. I would like to comment about: I want to thank Mr. Mealey and the wonderful people at the Minnesota Office of Brocade. We were selected as a family for Christmas 2012. We have already emailed our thanks to the Brocade employees, but wanted to express our gratitude to Mr. Mealey and the Brocade company again. Words don't seem to do justice, but we are grateful everyday. Brocade sent us beautifully wrapped gifts for our boys, a dream of a trampoline, and a generous gift card. Our boys use that trampoline every day. Smiles and giggles and the joy of just having fun. Every day, I smile when I see that trampoline in our backyard and feel so blessed and thankful. I sent in our request not expecting anything, but reaching out. It was a leap of faith and I didn't expect anything. I was just worried about our Christmas and wondering what else I could do. What an incredible blessing to have received. An incredible lesson that we will share wtih our boys when they are old enough about the Christmas when Brocade employees were our Santa Claus. Our angels who made such a joyful Christmas to happen. Our lesson to always believe that good things can happen and that we shall pay it forward and help others whenever and in any manner that we can because it matters. We never had been in a position like this before an it was awkward to put in a request, but what a beautiful lesson I learned and am so very, very grateful of the kindness of others. I think of all of the deployments and homecomings, all the times we have had to move, and the financial hardships that one encounters due to moves; however, I am deeply touched by the sincere thanks and appreciation that the Brocade employees and company expressed to us for my husband's military duty. We are thankful and very proud military family. My husband takes his service seriously and does it because he firmly stands behind duty, respect and honor. He volunteered to join and I am proud of him. Thank you for honoring us in such a wonderful and unexpected way. We will never forget it. A very grateful San Diego Military family thanks you! #20120650 Thank you so much.Thank you for what you are doing to support military families. There are times when I have felt like there was not a lot of support and in reading your page I have found that theere are people who not only care but they are helping so many families like mine. It truly is a blessing. Thank you for everything that you do. Respectfully,The Ebinger-Smiths #20120611 Thank you. I spoke with Mr. Pooler on the telephone today and we are working together to provide him with items he needs (gifts for his children, a Xmas tree, food for Christmas dinner and money to help pay his outstanding bills). I will ensure that he gets the joyous Christmas that he, and all of our military,deserve. Thank you again for putting me in contact with him. #20120491 Thank you for all that you do for veteran families. A wonderful family (the Socols) have reached out to us and promises to help. Will let you Know if things work out. Happy Holidays! Susan Flowers #20120137 First of all, I wanted to thank you for the time and effort that you have put into the Military Families website. Susan Bird contacted us and has helped out tremendously. She and I have exchanged emails several times, and she is a true blessing! Second, I wanted to ask if you know of any organizations that buy military houses. We have been in our house for 5 years, and our payment is increasing. We are looking to find something else that would be better for our family at this time.If you have any knowledge of groups or companies such as this, would you mind to forward that information along to me? I would certainly appreciate it! Thanks so much! I hope you have a wonderful weekend! Hello, my name is Temeka and my lovely family and I live aboard Camp Pendleton Base . I wanted to take time out to truly say THANK-You to an amazing organization called, "The American Legion , Post 365 " . This last year has been an extremely difficult year for me and my Marine Corp Family financially and emotionally. We have faced so many No's in 2011. To finally have someone , I'm sorry a group of Amazing People say, " Yes," we recognize what you do and we appreciate you and your family there are not words that can express that . However I will try .Charisse Kaufman and her beautiful family , alongside with the American Legion took time out not only to make sure that my family and I had Christmas gifts but also had a wonderful Banquet where they recognized not only the Active Duty Member in the Household but my children and I as well . Unfortunately sometimes spouse's and children take the back seats . I truly think its amazing that someone came up with a web-site to be our voices in our most desperate time of need. My family had an Amazing Christmas because of this website , the American Legion , and Charisse Koufman and her Family . Charisse also went the extra mile by inviting Me and my family to her lovely home for Christmas Dinner with her and her lovely family. They sacrificed buying Christmas gifts for their family so my family could have a wonderful Christmas . I am in tears as I type this because my beginning of 2011 was extremely filled with hopelessness but by the December 25th it was filled with dreams and love. So , from the bottom of my family's heart I want to say thank-you to the American Legion Post 365 for all the wonderful gifts and food . And thank-you to Charisse Koufman and Family for all the love and inspiration for 2012 . I only hope that this generosity continues with all the Military families in the future for 2012 and beyond . Again Thank you to The American Legion Post 365 , The Koufman family , and Last but not least , ADUSA.Com/MFamilies.htm Sincerely Temeka & Family #20110564 I, Melissa Blanco would like to thank you very much for posting my request for Christmas help. I recieved a sponsor who was willing to help my family in need.I just have no words to express my gratitude. Thank you isn't enough. #20110146 I would so like to send a thank you for the web site you have set up. You have connected us with someone we could never possibly thank enough. They have made our Christmas more amazing then we could have ever thought possible!!! Greg and DD Davis are loved by us to the fulliest. Thank you for everything I want to take a few moments to say thank you for everything your organization is doing. You connected us with a wonderul family that has truly blessed us in our time of need. It is a great thing knowing there are such caring wonderful people in this world. This Christmas we were given more than just presents. We were given a renewed faith and more hope than our hearts can bear. We are more greatful than words can explain. We hope that one day we can come back to this site and give what was given to us. Thank you so very much. Sara #20110445 My grandchildren and I would like to thank you for selecting our family.Asking for help is was such a hard task to do.Your kindness and generosity will never be forgotten.May God continue to bless you and your family this holiday season.Thank you Felicia & family #20110390 HI. Thank you so much for choosing my family to be my kids' SANTA this Christmas.They will be very happy and I'm lookin forward to the Holidays giving them joy:) God Bless all of you for your helping hands to needy families like ours:) #20110206 Thank you Thank you Thank you from the bottom of my heart. This is such a blessing! Blessings to you,Dorothea I typically don't email anyone outside of the area but I've spent 3 weeks researching for resources for the Military Wives support group we started last week at our library and let me just say it's really refreshing to come across websites like yours that have military family resources available. Your resource page at http://www.adusa.com/MFamilies.htm has really helped out in pointing us in the right direction and I felt like I really needed to take a second to thank you. My husband has been in Afghanistan for just over 3 months now and meeting with this group has made everything so much easier. I've been with my husband for 6 years now and we've been apart before(comes with the territory) but some of the ladies in our group just started their relationships, it must be so hard for them! Debbie Bradford #20110307 Dear sir I was given your email address from Pattie Otts who saw my post/plea for help for my family, she has spoke to me on the phone and email and said she is sending help my way. Sir if I only receive a dollar its more than what we had but I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart and express to you how I truely feel you are my guardian angel. Thank you so much. Jackie Perkins #20110323 Hi there, oh my goodness, that is wonderful, my family is so greatful for your service and the help it brings to military families, and this kind lady and her sons class for helping are a true Godsend. Thank you my name is bambi collins i got your email and want to thank you so very much for choosing to help our family this year it has been a rough one god bless you from the collins family Wow! That is absolutely amazing! Thank you so very much! I though because we had only had out post up a short time that perhaps it was a mistake, I never thought we would be selected so quickly. Amazing. Thank you so very much, I cannot tell you how much we appreciate it! Thank you! #20110235 Thank you so much for this program! Have a wonderful Christmas! Neona Mejia & Family I just wanted to say a BIG Thanks to Rebecca and Laura!!!! We now have two new FRIENDS!!!!! Thank you so much I emailed her and responded to her email. Thank you so much for the help though, it is truly appriecated. Melissa - I really appreciate your help this Christmas. It really means alot to me and my family. Thank you so much again. I don't think I will ever stop saying thank you for your help. God Bless and I hope that you have a wonderful Christmas. Sam, Traci, Amerikus, and Lila Thank you! I think what you do is wonderful. I wish there were more people like you. Have a very Merry Christmas! Oh my goodness! What a blessing! This is not easy for us we are usually on the giving end nit the receiving end and is very humbling Deanna Dear Mr. Mealey, Thank you so very much. We feel truly blessed to have been included in your program and eternally grateful to you for all of your help and for having such an amazing site helping our military. You truly are an angel. My husband and my family thank you with all our hearts. Kori Hi I wanted to let you know that Lisa was able to send me a gift card so I can get my daughter her bike for her Birthday. Thank you so much for connecting me to this wonderful family. Sincerely,Kim Thank you It is a wonderful thing that you do Regards and Merry Christmas Pat Joyce Hello,I have to tell you thank you...more than once so Thank you, thank you, thank you! And even still that isnt enough! I was getting so worried that my kids would be going without alot of the things they want this year. Please let me know what information you need and I will get it to you ASAP! Thank you again, Alethia Turley We want to express out thanks to you for organizing your website. We did not want to go through a formal charitable organization, preferring to help families in a much more direct way. Your website provided exactly what we were looking for. Happy Holidays to you and your family. Regards,S and S P Thank you for all the wonderful work you do for the military families. Lanie Dikitanan Again, I think this is a wonderful thing you are doing for our service men and women. Ginny Redwood Rotary Womens Club I thank you for everything you do. You are appreciated. Angela.Hardesty Hello! Hi, I'm Krisitn Mlady and i 14 years old. Awhile i was on facebook and i got a message telling me to be thankful for having my freedom, then i thought that none of this would be possible with our you or anyone else! i know i got your email off a helping website but i just wanted to say thank you soooo much!! You may think that you dont do much but your risk your life alomost everyday and bust your butt to just keep people in the United States keep their freedom. With out you or anyone i dont think that United States would be called Undited States right now. Thank you so so so much for doing everything you've done! you have made a HUGE impact on everyone as one person alone. Thank You so much again from me and everyone in the world that may not have time 2 say it to you guys but deep down want too. Keep doing want your doing and helpig people you dont even know keep freedom. Thank You!!! Kristin Mlady :] I work for a large corporation and my team that I run does something like this every year. I sent you a second letter so if you have the others I will get going on them. Additionally, I will give you an update on what the outcome was for each so you are kept in the loop. I think it is wonderful that you do this and I look forward to making a difference in someone's life this year. Thank you,Jennifer Riley Hello My name is Ashley Spinella and my family and I are already helping a family from your site it turned out to be such a great thing for my family that we would like to help another Family #902041(The Hammons Family). Hope to hear from you soon Ashley Spinella Dobbs Ferry Ny I would like to say most of all, Thank you and God Bless you for all your help and selfless actions. God truly has his angels surrounding us, especially when we need them most.True, we are enduring some rough economic times, but through you we still find their is hope and people that still care. Sincerely, April Ann Fuller I just wanted to say thank you very much we received our box today from Brian the toys were perfect. We still havnt gotten dinner set but thats ok atleast the kids have toys thank you and merry christmas!! Jennifer Denault Thank you Mr. Mealey and God Bless you for the wonderful work you do! MERRY CHRISTMAS! BELINDA TUCKER Thank you! It is such a wonderful thing that you're doing! I will definitely spread the word about your website! Rebecca Videtto Branch Specialist South County Service Center American Red Cross Greater Palm Beach Area #426 Thank you so very much!! He sent me an email asking for our address and I sent it to him. I am so very thankful now all we need is Christmas dinner. Thank you for all the help! #272 Thank you for putting us intouch with themurraygreyfoundation they paid our electric bill. Thank you Mr. Mealey Michelle Thank you for such a wonderful website. We received help for christmas, someone sent some gifts and $100 walmart gift card. Thank you again. Robyn O'Donnell Thank-You Mr. Mealy!! Thank you for what you are doing!! Katie Anthony #167 Hello, We would like to thank you again for helping making our Christmas wonderful for our children. I would also like to say that I am sorry for not contacting Mr. Preacher yet. All of us have been sick for two weeks and our boys are still sick. We are very grateful. Thank you again. Best wishes for a HAPPY NEW YEAR God Bless, The Hammons Family Danny, Amanda, Mikahla, Katelyn, Michael, and Jacob Hello This is Naomi Herrera, #235 I do not know what to say but god bless you. God bless all of you. thankyou so very very much!!!!!!!!!!!i can't exspess my grattitude Victoria #226 Hi everyone! My mom found this website last year and we sponsored 2 families. This year I wanted to do more. I started saving my money in July and saved up over $300. My church was having a toy drive for the families at Camp Pendleton so I bought all kinds of toys for that. After my mom told someone we knew about what I did he said, "O.k. i'll match that." God really does work in amazing ways and all we have to do is trust him to do what he knows is right. Jennessa Voss Thank you for helping make our four children's Christmas bright. We wish you and your family a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. God Bless, SSgt. Danny and Amanda Hammons #191 "Thanks Mr. Mealey! Just having the site is a blessing. God helps his people on his time and will forever care for us. The goodness of this website will be repaid. These helping hands will not go unnoticed! Bowen #212 Thanks Again!" " I would like you to Thank this family for being an angel of our live. This is the best Christmas Present we could ask for knowing that there are people who care and I hope someday that we are in the position to be someone elses Angel.Love is Great and the greatest gift of Life is to be able to give. God Bless." Rhonda #142 " Hi, I live locally in San Juan Capistrano and would like to help with presents for Christmas. I did this last year and it made my family happy to know we were helping people who were risking their lives for our freedom and the freedom of others. We would like to help #173. The Voss Family Ernie, Louise, and Jennessa" " Mr. Mealey, Thank you so much once again for the web site you came up with. I have had several people help me. Mr. Ben Young has a friend that has purchased us a used washer/dryer and we will be getting it next weekend. We finally will have housing at Ft. Bragg on the 28th. The military is going to move us. I do have one more request if you can please post it with my husband's pic. Crystal" " Thank you for your help. It means so much " Sincerely, John Desilva " Dear Roger, With only a few days until Christmas and no shopping done, this is truly a blessing. Thank you so much for doing this for military families. Sandra and family" "Roger, I just wanted to confirm that we sent gift cards to this family.Again, your website is wonderful, Have a Merry Christmas!. Stuart Henning & girls" "God Bless you and all the people who help you do the wonderful work that you do! I can not thank you enough! Lanie Dikitanan" "Thank you so kindly Briana Monty" "Oh my goodness,thank you so much. I had completely forgotten about that. I didn't even think that anyone would ever read it.I can;t thank you enoigh for this I'm about ready to cry right noe, It is so great to know that people actually care,about all of us.Thank you so much and God Bless you! Heather & Nikayla Walker" "Mr. Mealey, Thank you so much. Mr. Rosberry did pay our electric. Can you please keep us though b/c we still need our rent. THANK YOU for such a wonderful website. As soon as I can get my rent done that will be it. Thank you so very much again. You are definitely a blessing. Crystal" "The people who come on here and make donations are truly angels on earth.I wanted to wish everyone a Merry Christmas and to give a huge thanks to all those that made donations! God Bless! Lanie Dikitanan and family" Contact us if you wish to assist.
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