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                          My name Jeanette.  I am an avid crocheter - a few of my crafty friends
                          and I would like to Pay It Forward this coming Holiday...  We create
                          afghans, hats, stuffies, etc. - would these items be appropriate for
                          military families in need? Thank you.
                          SloDawg Crochet   Email : slodawgcrochet@gmail.com
                           Click here 


                          Im a USMC wife and Realtor. I have an elderly couple looking to donate all
                          their home furniture as they are going into a retirement home. Do you have
                          any families who need furntire?

                          Mrs. Bree Lawrence, Realtor
                          Coldwell Banker Residential Brokerage
                          Cell (571) 244-9896
                          Farmingdale, NY

                          I have a 4 yr old grand daughter that I have lots of slightly used clothes
                          and toys that I would love to send to someone in need. All would be in
                          excellent condition since they grow so fast. Some with the tags still on. If
                          you have someone that you could put me in touch with that could use these
                          items please contact me. I would love to help. I am also broke but hate to
                          see these items just go into a donate bin when someone who has donated so
                          much for us could use them.
                          donna marro     donna@jmgny.com

                          Ft. Lauderdale, Fla

                          As an up and coming company, connex12 would like to extend
                          our assistance to a military family in need. We would like
                          to assist in team activities such as lawn maintenance, home
                          care, shopping, etc. Our office is located in Fort Lauderdale
                          and we would like to lend our helping hands in the nearby area.
                          Please let me know if there is any assistance we can offer. We
                          look forward to building a great partnership.Thank you, 

                          Jolene Caprio
                          954-304-3344 (mobile)

                          Charlotte, NC
                          I can perform very economical small home repairs,for
                          Vets,familys in Charlotte nc metro area, retired combat
                          Vet Call 704-908-4305 and leave message for Bob D Builter
                          or email me at this email address: boblazevnick@yahoo.com

                          Fayetteville nc
                          Hi, I am an Army wife and a stay at home mother
                          to two amazing little boys!I understand how hard
                          times are especially when children are involved!
                          I wish I could help financially but its not possible,
                          I can however offer a few hrs of babysitting for
                          parents that need to job hunt, or just need help until
                          they get their first check to afford daycare! :D I have
                          been babysitting since I was 11 and have the best
                          experience of all as being a mommy!

                          Springfield Va near Ft. Belvoir

                          My name is Norma.  I have been a nanny for 15 years.
                          I do not have funds to contribute.  But, I would like
                          to find a way to personally help a military family.
                          Especially, if a member is a wounded warrior. I live
                          in Springfield Va near Ft. Belvoir.  If I could
                          volunteer some baby sitting or errans or rides I would
                          love to do so.I am currently a nanny for two Lt. Cols.
                          for their teenagers.  I have weekends and mornings
                          available to help.I am registered with several on line
                          agencies and have references and background checks.Thank
                          you, nnwaldron@gmail.com  Norma Waldron
                          Huntsville, AL

                          My name is Darlene Thurman and I am looking to find
                          a military family in need. Wanting to make donations
                          of housekeeping, groceries, rides and financial help.
                          I live in Huntsville, AL and the person I help needs
                          to be in this area. If you can help me find someone,
                          I would greatly appreciate it. This needs to be on a
                          personal level since I will be providing housekeeping
                          and other services that would require me to meet with
                          the family. I assure you I am completely honest in my
                          efforts to find a family in need.hdt71562@gmail.com
                          Darlene Thurman

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