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The story unfolding is one of intrigue, mystery and fiction, yet there are many elements that were close approximations to the truth and based on fact as well. The stories characters are fiction and the whole premise is a fictional account. Though the author spent many years in these countries and blended into their cultures and dealings.

This story is one meant to be simply a form of entretainment much like the many books, he read on his countless trips and hours spent in airports waiting for flights. A habit he picked up in his days in the military. I hope you enjoy the tale.

You will now be able to read part of the story as it unfolds. However, if you wish to read the rest of the story you will need to gain access to it by making a $10.00 contribution via Pay Pal. Now enter and read the start of the story.

We are pleased to have you visit with us and hope you will find our story of interest and meeting with your approval, Please contact us if we can be of assistance.

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