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International Business Consulting
PO Box 3392 Palm Beach, Florida 33480
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Specialization: South And Central America-Mexico-Caribbean-U.S.A.

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Our Credentials

 Motorola Inc.

Mexican Consulate

Consulate of Spain


UCF- Florida Technological Univ.




Terms & Conditions

Code of Professional Conduct and Business Practices

Our Qualifications

  Native speaker.
  Actively compiled and published technical manuals in spanish.
  University educated.
  Actively use the native language.
  Specialist in the subject translated.
  Over 30 years experience in translation.
  Qualifications , references provided.
  Versed in latest computer technology.
  Versed in Marketing, Financial statements, High level, Business interpretations.
We have worked with Framemaker Ver 6.0, RoboHelp 2000, Webworks, Word 2000, and many other types of proprietary software. We have translated tech manuals from english to spanish, as well as software and online help for Daleen Technolgies, Inc. a firm specializing in revenue solutions.

We have ample experience in all fields linguistically having been involved directly in the marketing, sales, presentations, trainning and operations of facilities in 28 spanish speaking countries.

If you require translations English-Spanish-English, We can easily assist you in accomplishing the quality translation required. Look forward to serving you.


  Consecutive interpreting (depositions, court hearings, business meeetings)
  Simultaneous interpreting (conferences, seminars, public speaking)
  Pricing. $80-$90 per hour.

For information call 561 951 8244

You will receive confirmation of your request within 24 hours.


If your in need of immediate translation services or in the very near future, Please provide the following information via email or fax along with the text material you wish translated. If the text is to large for an email attachment or fax, please mail it to:

Roger J. Mealey, Jr.
P.O. Box 3392
Palm Beach, Florida
33480, USA

Street Addresss:

311 31st Court, West Palm Beach, Florida 33407

On receipt of your text, it will be reviewed and a proposal will be faxed to you within 24 hours (Monday-Friday) of receipt. If you have any questions concerning your translation project, please contact us via e-mail:, Fax: 775 640 6558, or phone: 561 951 8244.


Client Name:      _____________________________________

Contact person:   _____________________________________

Address:          _____________________________________

City:             _____________________________________

State/Zip Code:   _____________________________________

Phone:            _____________________________________

Fax:              _____________________________________

E-mail:           _____________________________________


From:             _____________________________________

Translate into:   _____________________________________

Target Country:   _____________________________________

Category of Translation:

Technical  ____      Medical      _____
Literary   ____      Advertising  _____
Legal      ____      Other        _____
State what the other is:_______________________________

Form/Content of Translation:           Time Frame: maxiumum
___ Patent                             ____ 10 Days
___ "How-to" manual                    ____ 20 Days
___ Manufacturing process, etc.        ____ 30 Days
____Other (Please specify other)       ____ Other (please specify other)
______________________________         _______________________________

Target Audience if this translation? How many will read?

_____Laymen                    ___ 1 to 10
_____Professionals             ____10 to 100
(if so, what field>)           ____100 or more

If your a new potential client, please provide the following:

How many documents/texts do you need translated each:



year? _______

How many pages on an average per document/text?_____

Which language(s) appear(s) most frequently?________

Please provide us with your rates:________

Our Basic Rates

Technical Translations       :   .12 to .23 cents per word source.
Standard Translations        :   .10 to .12 cents per word source.
RUSH/IMMEDIATE               :   Add .02 cents per word source.
Simultaneous Interpretations :   $80 - $90 per hour.
 Agencies ask for special pricing.


Net 30 days 10% interest Past due balances.

Major translations require 50% upfront. (IE User Manuals, Tech Manuals)

U.S. Currency U.S.A. bank cheque or Money Order.

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