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Mealeys USA Direct is a proud distributor and representative for a number of quality industry products needed for Oem and Manufacturers.

We are a Global source for advanced industrial raw materials, supplying specialty materials for today's complex technological industrial needs. We supply defense contractors, the turbine industry, the aerosSpace industry, nuclear and Oil and energy companies, and general manuafacturing.

*  Tungsten heavy alloy rod,sheet,plate

*  Tungsten-copper alloy rod,sheet,plate

*  Pure Molybdenum rod, sheet,plate,target,boat
*  TZM Alloy rod,sheet,plate
*  Pure Tungsten rod,sheet,plate,boat

*  Mo-Parts For Industrial Furnace like: Mo Heat Element, Mo heat insulation
   screen, Mo screw, Mo nuts,  Mo  Washers, Mo spring.
*  Molybdenum mandrels

*  Tantalum and Titanium rod, sheet,plate

   Molybdenum bars,
   Molybdenum sheets,
   Molybdenum plates,
   Molybdenum wires,
   Molybdenum tubes,
   Other Molybdenum products,

   Tungsten bars,
   Tungsten sheets,
   Tungsten plates,
   Tungsten wires,
   Tungsten tubes,
   Other Tungsten products,
   Tantalum bars,
   Tantalum sheets,
   Tantalum plates,
   Tantalum wires,
   Tantalum tubes,
   Other Tungsten products,
   Titanium bars,
   Titanium sheets,
   Titanium plates,
   Titanium wires,
   Titanium tubes,
   Other Titanium  products,
   Silicon carbide heating elements,
   Silicon carbide tubes,
   Silicon carbide plates,
   Silicon carbide beams,
   other silicon carbide products,

   MoSi2/Molybdenum Disilicide heating elements
   MoSi2/Molybdenum Disilicide powder,
   MoSi2/Molybdenum Disilicide tubes,
   Other MoSi2/Molybdenum Disilicide products,



American raw material costs are just not competitive in the world market. The Europeans and Asians are much cheaper. This will vary with the dollar price against the Euro. Also we require cash in advance. No if ands or buts about it. It is an issue of business ethics. We do not offer credit to foreign companies due to the fact too many in the past have failed us.

Due to High demand of metals quotes are valid only for 10 days AND NOW ONLY METALS PROVIDED FROM CHINA

Send us your URGENT quote request

Do you need industrial gauges?

Do you need digital readout,crystal,or LED componentes?

Do you need industrial,analog,plasma,or crystal monitors?

Do you need surveillance and security equipment?

Do you need electrial components,wire,or cable?

Do you need thermic air conditioners, with no filters, no freon etc.

Do you need motors?

Do you need industrial console enclosures?

Do you need industrial light systems?

Do you need telephony systems?

Do you need bulletproof materials for windows ,doors, or vehicles?

Do you need woods?

Do you need antiques?

Do you need funeral coffins?

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I seek a firm and long lasting association.

I know well the countries I deal in and have many sources of goods

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If your an OEM, MANUFACTURER, I have everything you might need from electronic componentes,metals,cables,industrial thermic air conditioners, industrial casings, telephony units, motor parts, surveillance equipment,liquid cyrstal displays, plasma, monitors, Metal detectors for airports, facilities and much more.

Contact me with your needs and quotes. In some cases I'm even looking for distributors for my sources overseas. Contact me and let me give you a quote for your needs.


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